Energy communities of citizens: the beginning of the implementation of the LOGYCO project

The first meeting of partners of the new project LOGYCO – Setting the Basis for the Establishment of LOcal Energy Communities was held online on Monday, February 6.

The implementation of this project started on the first day of February, and DOOR plays the role of a leading partner in it. The other partner in the project is the Regional Development Agency Srem, and the project activities will be carried out in Croatia and Serbia. As an example of good practice, the city of Pfaffenhofen in Germany is participating, which will support partners in the project by exchanging knowledge and competences.

The goal of the project is to increase the level of knowledge and competence of local private actors and to familiarize them with the advantages of becoming energy producers-consumers (prosumers). The goal will be achieved through educational activities, the development of guidelines for the establishment and functioning of energy communities of citizens and the exchange of knowledge between the experienced German community and less experienced Croatian and Serbian partners.

The areas where project activities will be carried out are Ivanić Grad in Croatia and Sremska Mitrovica and Stara Pazova in Serbia. Citizens, as the main target group, will get the opportunity to learn more about energy and climate issues through info days, workshops and brochures in order to become more active in their local communities.

The LOGYCO project is financed from the program of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany – EUKI.

You can find more about the project and its activities HERE.

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